About Us



1Heart1Mind is a non-profit development organization combating extreme poverty. The origins of the organization began in 2009 when founders Keven Jensen and Scott Cramer travelled to Zambia volunteering with the organization Mothers Without Borders. Their exposure to the extensive effects of extreme poverty inspired them to act. Using their experience in the field of business and renewable energy, Go Solar International was founded in 2013 as a social enterprise that would distribute portable solar products through microfinance cooperatives in Uganda. After successfully helping many out of the darkness of energy poverty, many opportunities to increase the impact of the organization arose and a more inclusive organization was needed. 1Heart1Mind was founded in 2017 and currently manages all previous programs of Go Solar International. 

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what we do

Alongside our ongoing operations of the housing and education of vulnerable children in rural Uganda, we strive to build programs of sustainability within local communities. These programs help to generate poverty reduction, increase financial inclusion and promote sustainable economic growth. 

Our origins in solar energy make our efforts in off-grid energy distribution a large part of our program efforts. We work with local co-operative organizations to create financial access to and distribute household solar lighting solutions. These affordable products eliminate the use of kerosene lighting, improve quality of health and education while improving household income. 

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What's next

As we continue to expand the reach of our programs, more opportunities arise to help aid communities in need. Want to become part of the 1Heart1Mind family? Contact us to learn more about our programs or make a donation to support making a positive change in the world. 

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